Lower Creatinine Levels and Restore Kidney Function

Fortunately, kidney function can be restored very quickly, provided that you follow the right steps. Many doctors will tell their patients to simply lower their protein intake, drink cranberry juice and exercise. Those guidelines are helpful, but on their own, they will not completely restore creatinine levels.

How to completely restore kidney function and lower creatinine levels

Currently, the most effective way to lower creatinine levels and restore kidney function completely can be found in this e-book by Duncan Capicchiano ND. Although it is not free, the e-book describes a very unique and effective natural approach to kidney disease and kidney problems in general. The unique process described gives hope even to people who suffer from CKD stage 3 and above.

The best way to lower creatinine is by making some simple dietary changes. We are not talking about the old-fashioned low-protein diet. There are several kidney diets, like the one mentioned above, which will produce immediate and noticeable results very quickly. Even patients with stage 4 kidney disease have had success in reversing it.

Why the low-protein diet is not as effective and why does the above-mentioned diet work so well to reverse CKD and other kidney problems? The old-fashioned low-protein diet simply limits the damage to your kidneys. If you are suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) or any form or renal failure, lowering your protein intake will automatically lower creatinine levels as well. The problem with this approach is that it does nothing to fix your kidney problems – it is just a way to manage the symptoms of kidney disease.

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