High Creatinine Levels – What Do They Mean?

High creatinine levels indicate kidney problems. In this article we showed you how to quickly normalize those levels, by improving kidney function. Now lets look at what causes high creatinine levels. Creatinine is a natural by-product that comes from your muscles. Your muscles use creatine phosphate for a lot of their energy. The waste product from that is creatinine. Once the levels of creatinine become high, a lot of processes in the body become disrupted. But why do the levels rise in the first place? Creatinine is one of the main waste products, which your kidneys remove from the bloodstream. Once their function is impaired, they stop filtering all the creatinine and it remains int he bloodstream.

What to do about high creatinine levels?

The method, which we described here works very well for restoring all kidney function, without the need for complex low-protein diets, which don’t work. Many people try to manage their high creatinine levels by taking medication. Not only will this not do anything in the long run, it will actually make your kidney function even worse. The inability of the kidneys to filter creatinine causes all sorts of problems for the body and the damage to the kidneys speeds up as well. That’s why it is important to lower the creatinine levels by improving your kidney function.

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