High Creatinine Levels In Blood – What to Do?

High creatinine levels in blood are caused by your kidneys not filtering out the excess creatinine. This is a clear indication of reduced renal function. Fortunately, this can be reversed, especially in the beginning. To learn more about lowering creatinine levels in blood read this.

High creatinine levels in blood vs low creatinine levels in urine

When your blood levels of creatinine rise, urine levels fall. Many doctors now use both levels and compare them to each other to eliminate factors like water intake, current health condition and other.

Can high creatinine levels in blood be temporary? It’s hard to say – there are temporary causes of high creatinine blood levels, such as trauma to the kidneys, or specific toxic exposure. Most often than not though, creatinine levels continue to rise, unless you do something about it. That’s because most kidney problems progress. Although the progression is very slow, it does occur. As we said though, this can be reversed and the sooner you do it, the easier it will be.

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