ESRD – Is It Still Reversible?

When it comes to renal disease, the more it has progressed, the more difficult it is to treat. However, ESRD can still be reversed. The problem is that the consistency, with which the condition can be completely reversed is not as high as in patients with stage 3 CKD or lower. Still, it is important not to give up and to remember that hundreds of people have successfully reversed their ESRD. However, if you give up there is no chance of that happening.

How to successfully reverse ESRD and be healthy again?

Currently, the method which has shown the most success in reversing ESRD is described in detail in Duncan Capicchiano’s e-book, which can be found here. Remember that this is not a ‘magic pill’, but a an effective method, which is one of the few that have had success in reversing renal disease even at its end stage.

Remember that there isn’t a 100% consistent method for reversing ESRD – everyone is different and there are countless complex factors involved. The primary cause of ESRD is usually irrelevant, due to the nature of the condition – ESRD that is caused by glomerulonephritis is no more difficult to reverse than one caused by an autoimmune condition. The biggest problem with ESRD is that doctors will often give up on you and give you protocol advice, as they are required to. It can be very difficult to find a doctor who truly wants to help you and will give you all the new information, when it comes to ESRD. The majority of kidney specialists operate with knowledge, that is more than a decade old – and this is the primary reason why they are not able to give you advice on how to actually reverse this condition..

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